Don’t Believe Those Lies About Palm Oil! Ayo Van Elmar Dishes On Its Health Benefits


It is yet another episode of Eat Right Africa with designer/nutritionist, Ayo Van Elmar.

She taking it back to the roots this time as she enlightens us on the health benefits of palm oil and why it is really good for us contrary to lots of misconceptions out there.

According to her, “Many lies were told to us about oils from the tropical regions e.g. coconut oil and palm oil in the 1980s.

Health professionals decided to focus solely on the saturated fats in these oils and only promoted the stigma “saturated fats increase the chances of heart diseases.”

The healthy fats; mono- and poly unsaturated fats also contained in these oils were ignored. Olive oil thus gained a lot of grounds in many kitchens worldwide.”

Most Africans leading a healthy lifestyle still believe these lies and have partially or completely eradicated palm oil from their diets but she says: “Plant oils in moderate amounts e.g. palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, cotton seed oil, soya bean oil, corn oil etc. are good for you. The real danger is in processed fats, animal fats and trans fats.”

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