Drake Sues Instagram Model, Layla Lace Over Alleged False Pregnancy And Rape Claims

drakePopular Canadian-American singer and “In My Feelings” rapper Drake has filed a law suit yesterday, 18th September, 2018 against Layla who he says falsely accused him of raping and impregnating her during a one night stand and who allegedly then tried to extort him of millions of dollars.

Around April 2007, Layla took to social media to disclose how the rapper got her pregnant and then dodged her calls. Lace is yet to respond to Drake’s lawsuit.According to the lawsuit, Layla lawyered up and asked that Drake pay her for the baby. When that didn’t fly, Drake claims Lace went to the police and said that the he raped her.

The lawsuit says that Drake was cleared by the Manchester police but Layla still demanded millions of dollars in exchange for her not going public with her charges.

It appears that the rapper has had enough and is now suing for civil extortion, emotional distress, fraud, abuse of process, and defamation. The lawsuit says that “there is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby,” noting that a child would have been born in the fall.


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