Ebola: Panic As Dallas Confirms Second Victim Contracted Virus Despite Wearing Full Protective Gear

The Telegraph– A Dallas health worker who looked after the first Ebola victim to die in the United States contracted the disease despite wearing a full protective gown, gloves and face shield as she cared for him.


Thomas Eric Duncan

Officials in Texas said they were “very concerned” that the first transmission of the virus on US soil occurred despite following health and safety guidelines.

The female nurse, who has asked not to be named, had been classified as having a “low risk” of carrying the disease before testing positive for Ebola on Saturday night.

The nurse had cared for Thomas Eric Duncan on the second occasion he attempted to get treatment in the emergency room of the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.

Duncan, 42, died on Wednesday, two weeks after travelling to the US from Liberia, the west African country at the centre of the outbreak, where he was thought to have contracted the disease while accompanying a dying pregnant woman in a taxi to hospital.

Those caring for him were said by hospital officials to have abided by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines which stipulate that full protective suits should be worn while treating Ebola victims.

The latest victim was in a group of 48 health care workers who were being monitored but were considered at low risk of developing the disease when she began to run a low-grade fever on Friday.

Federal officials confirmed on Sunday that she had tested positive for the virus. Texas officials had earlier reported that preliminary tests showed the worker had been exposed to Ebola, but they were awaiting confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That confirmation came on Sunday afternoon.


Credit:The Telegraph


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