Ed Sheeran Accused Of ‘Constantly Stealing’ Other Artists’ Songs, Royalties Blocked


British Superstar singer, ED Sheeran has been accused of stealing other artists’ songs as inspiration for his own material, a claim he has denied.

Documents lodged at the High Court accuse that the singer, 28, is “consciously or subconsciously in the habit of appropriating the compositional skill and labour of other songwriters”.

The accusation was made by little known musician Sam Chokri, 26, who is fighting with Sheeran over the origin of the song Shape of You.

The latest court case alleges Sheeran has stolen from other artists including girlband TLC, Jamaican reggae artist Shaggy and American country singer Jasmine Rae.

The A Team singer has alleged Chokri has damaged his reputation and blocked his revenue stream.

Royalties from the song have been suspended pending a court decision, with Ed now launching a lawsuit in a bid to reclaim the cash.


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