Empowering Young Ladies! TV Personality Idia Aisien Visits University Of Ibadan’s “Queen Idia Hall”

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Media personality Idia Aisien was invited to the University of Ibadan, Queen Idia Hall for their annual hall week where she was given a special recognition award at the personality lecture and empowerment program.

The Tv host spoke on Women; Daring the difference and making meaningful impact in the society. “I think every woman should strive to empower herself and have things that she can call her own with regards to achievements. I also believe that since many women are now breadwinners, there should be social and political equality of the sexes. However, a woman should not be considered any less if she chooses to be a homemaker…some women can do both…so there’s no right and wrong. But it is fair to say that every woman cannot be a feminist.”

Idia wrote on her Instagram page yesterday 6th December 2017 “As a woman, there are a lot of things I’ve been told I couldn’t do or shouldn’t do! The stereotypes, criticisms and boxes have never stopped…but I can teach you how to win!!! And from experience, I can teach you how to play the game yet make your mark as a woman in a man’s world.”



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