Endometriosis Ambassador Millen Magese Glam In Yellow Gown! Speaks On Her Battle At 2015 MMR

Millen Magese-OnoBello (1)

Tanzanian supermodel, Millen Magese was also present at the Music Mets Runway (MMR) held

A vision in yellow, the runway queen who has been upfront about her personal battle with endometriosis – a gynecological condition that can cause severe pain and infertility in women (Click here to read here story) and has received multiple awards for her campaign against this condition, once again used the opportunity to garner more awareness for endometriosis.

Mounting the MMR stage, Millen gave an emotional speech about her battle with the disease for 23 years, having 12 surgeries, as well as her ovaries and fallopian tubes taken out due to the disease. She also urged other women to speak up.


See more photos from the meeting below!


Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(2) Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(3)
Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(4) Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(8)
Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(9) Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(10)

Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(5) Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(6) Millen-Magese-OnoBello-(7)

Photo Credit: Insigna Media




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