#ENDSARS: Davido To Meet With Inspector General Of Police Following Abuja Protest

Davido EndSARS Protests OnoBello

Nigerian music star Davido who led the Abuja #EndSARS protest today, Sunday October 11 has announced that he would be having a Monday meeting with the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu while calling on fellow celebrities to join him.

The FEM singer made the announcement on his social media platforms where he also revealed that the protesters arrested have been released.

In a video he shared, he was seen talking to police officials who seem to be leading him to where the protesters were supposedly arrested. He wrote, “All protesters have been released!!”

“I am meeting with the inspector general of police tomorrow 10 am …. all my colleagues if u can get to Abuja 2moro before 10 am and follow me to the meeting ! It would mean a lot,” he followed up on Twitter.


Davido who led the protest in Abuja which was violently attacked by the police earlier reacted to the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad stating that it doesn’t mean it is over as the armed forces responsible for the harsh treatment meted to Nigerians need to be served the justice their actions warrants.

Speaking further in an earlier Instagram post, Davido also urges Nigerians to not lose sight of the original reason for the protests which is a better Nigeria and for that to happen, this is just the beginning.

He said, “Amidst it all. We must not forget the reasons we are protesting, we must not forget the peaceful manner of the protests and we must most certainly not back down until our demands are met! You either live for something or you die for nothing. Sars ending is a great start but the task is far from completed! now let’s end police brutality as a whole!”

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