#EndSARS: Falz, Bisola Aiyeola & More Caution Against Turning Protests Into ‘Carnivals’

Falz and Bisola #EndSARS OnoBello

Nigerian celebrities have appealed to #EndSARS protesters not to derail from the objectives of the ongoing demonstrations.

Taking to social media on Friday, singer Falz who is also a frontline organizer said there should be no partying at the protest grounds. He added asking protesters not to drink, use drugs and wear their face mask as they continue their fight for better governance.


Nollywood starlet Bisola Aiyeola also warned via her Instagram that the protesters should not lose focus on the objective of the movement. She stated that turning the protests into a carnival will only trivialize the frustrations that had led to the protests.

”My people, My people. If we turn these protests to carnivals, we are loosing focus oo and trivializing our frustration. Not everything is party party. Remember those who have died and those whose source of income has been halted,” Bisola wrote.

She added in the caption, “I know Nigerians love to party and have a good time but please these protests are not Faaji Time. We never reach anywhere o, let’s not party away our future. What we want is for our Home (Nigeria) to be good for us and our generations to come. To everyone donating and contributing one way or the other, THANK YOU.”

Photos and videos shared online show that some demonstrators have turned the protest into a street carnival as they can be spotted entertaining themselves with games, music and other refreshments.

The #EndSARS protests aimed against police brutality started a week ago with thousands of young Nigerians calling for the end of the now-dissolved Special Anti-Robber Squad (SARS). However, protests have continued across the country even after the Inspector General of Police unveiled a new tactical squad to fill the gaps left by SARS.

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