Eskado Bird- Jacqueline Daniel

 Award winning Eskado Bird is a Tanzanian and London based luxury men’s and women&#39s fashion brand. Starting out with a Kitenge fabric dress, the label has now developed into a range of luxury women’s and men&#39s clothing. There are two lines that make up Eskado Bird, EB by Eskado Bird and Eskado Bird. Eskado Bird which contains high-end often handmade apparel, jewellery and handbags. This line is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail.



Meanwhile EB by Eskado Bird is a slightly more casual clothing line that follows an urban inspiration and attempts to set trends rather than follow them. This line reflects a modern African culture. We infuse a modern and distinct twist into the use of traditional African print – Kitenge and Khanga. EB by Eskado Bird trademarks include extravagantly printed shorts, oversized swinging pockets, fabric layering, linen shirts, as well as EB by Eskado Bird print shirts providing informal high-end clothing designed toward younger more fashioned people. This line is distributed through a few boutiques in East Africa. It is readily available and comparably affordable.

The true essence of the label stretches beyond mere clothing. After almost a year in the industry, the label is creating a strong presence for itself. Eskado Bird has recently expanded into designing leather handbags, these unique pieces carry on the theme of fusing together the traditional with the modern in its clever use of leather and accessorized African charms.

Her inspiration to create the label came from her mother, Jacqueline Daniel who set up a Boutique in 1991, then known as Eskado Boutique, naming it after her last born and only daughter Estazia(ES) Kang’wa(KA) Doreen(DO). Playing Assistant Shop Keeper and Stylist from the age of three, her love for clothes gradually grew.  It is the determination to continue her mother’s legacy through fashion that continues to  inspires her. After discovering that  her surname is actually a bird from her father&#39s village. She decided to merge the two names to form a new label that represents her full entity. For her the link between a bird’s connection to the sky and her big dreams felt most appropriate to describe her determination to succeed.

 In 2008, Eskado Bird became a presence in the Tanzanian Fashion World with the design of a Kitenge fabric dress that caught the attention of the Local Fashion Community. This was the spark that ignited the pasion inside of her.
After graduating with a BA Hons in Multimedia from Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. She decided to work her way up in the Fashion World of Tanzania by first volunteering as a dresser back stage at Swahili Fashion Week 2010. From there Doreen decided to also pursue fashion on the side whilst simultaneously running her Multimedia company; Miracle Films & Studios Limited. She went on to becoming a Stylist for local celebrities. As her popularity grew so did the demand for her talent and Eskado Bird was born.

Doreen Estazia K.P Noni is a Tanzanian fashion designer and Business lady. She is the head designer for ESKADO BIRD as well as EB BY ESKADO BIRD a diffusion line of the Tanzanian fashion house Eskado Bird that currently retails in East Africa.
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