Essential Reads For The Soul: Just Laugh! Comedian AY Adds Author To His Resume

Another Nigerian comedian has taken on the adventure of documenting his life. Just some few weeks after the much celebrated Julius Agwu’s “Jokes Apart; How Did I Get Here” was launched, Ayo Makun, popularly known has AY has also added author to his resume.

Perhaps, there are some silent words to learn from these comedians’ books. While Julius Agwu insinuated in his book to leave the “Jokes Apart,” and while he sits to teach, Ayo has done the direct opposite. He added “Just Laugh” to the title.

But you know what they say, you cannot judge a book by its cover, however, every writer knows the first things a reader encounters are the book cover and then the title, therefore these titles apparently hold some innuendos which may not have been intentional… but it’s been done.

Ayo Makun – AY’s Diary: Just Laugh

AY’s Diary is a revelation of the meteoric rise and secret of a highly creative entrepreneur in the Comedy Industry.

The background provides a window into AY’s very successful Open Mic Platform that discovered the likes of Seyi Law, Elenu, Akpororo, Mc Shakara, Emeka Smith, Ajebo, Pencil and others. AY’s Diary will also be giving invaluable clue to younger comedians and all those who are interested in the business of comedy, on the need of having compulsory education as a personal empowerment before launching fully into the business of comedy.

The book was written in 2012 and is being published in Rome.

Eric Metaxas – Seven Men

Genre: Biography
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 240 pages
Book Dimensions: 6.2 x 1.1 x 9.1 inches
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10: 1595554696
ISBN-13: 978-1595554697

“Seven Men” addresses what it means (or should mean) to be a man today, at a time when media and popular culture present images of masculinity that are not the picture presented in Scripture and historic civil life. What does it take to be a true exemplar as a father, brother, husband, leader, coach, counselor, change agent, and wise man? What does it mean to stand for honesty, courage, and charity, especially at times when the culture and the world run counter to those values?

Each of the seven biographies represents the life of a man who experienced the struggles and challenges to be strong in the face of forces and circumstances that would have destroyed the resolve of lesser men.

All That Is – James Salter

Genre: Fiction
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 304 pages
Book Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.2 x 1.4 inches
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN-10: 1400043131
ISBN-13: 978-1400043132

“All That Is” explores a life unfolding in a world on the brink of change. It is a dazzling, sometimes devastating labyrinth of love and ambition, a fiercely intimate account of the great shocks and grand pleasures of being alive.

“It’s the sweeping story of a complicated, error-filled, fully wrung-out life. A guy’s life. A good life.” -Neal Thompson.

Salter, known for books that are short and terse because his sentences seem more carved than written, follows Philip Bowman, a smart, sensitive World War II vet who stumbles into the book business and has a long, almost distinguished career as an editor.


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