Ever Thought Of Enjoying The Luxury Parisian Vibes In Lagos?

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Lagos is seen as a rowdy and unsafe place that is why couples prefer travelling to other counties to make their stay a romantic one. But there places you can chill and have a luxury experience in Lagos.

Parisian Vibes in Lagos is a picture series that follows a day in the life of 2 affluent lovers in Lagos. this lifestyle project tries to paint the otherwise rowdy city of Lagos, Nigeria in a more calm and romantic light. it starts off in their lush banana island home in the highbrow area of Lagos and sees them prepare and leave for a luxe location (Maison Farenheit) in a fancy car all while still obviously head over heels for each other. this series has a dominant theme of Love, Positive energy and Luxury.

The ideal behind this project is to show that the city can provide the luxury and exclusivity that would afford lovers a good time and as opposed to Jetting out to Paris to enjoy the romantic setting, you could as well catch the Parisian Vibe in Lagos.

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Male character: Chisom Njoku
Female character: Evelyn Ashiru
Stylist: Joseph Usiagwu
Photography: Ayo Philips & Yanju Fakayejo
Beauty/Makeup: Nerissa Etigwaye
Art Director: Bola Agbaje
Location: Banana Island Lagos, Lekki Phase 1 and Maison Farenheit.
Story & Production by: Chisom Njoku

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