Expose! University Student Wins Court Case Against Covenant University, Allegedly Implicates Registrar


Covenant University student, AdoohEmmanuel who was allegedly framed and expelled during his final year, took to Twitter to share his victorious win of a court case between him and the university.

Emmanuel was expelled for allegedly having sexual relations with a female student only known as Marilyn, however, Emmanuel declared his innocence, saying he never had sexual intercourse with her thereby declaring that his expulsion was as a result of a conspiracy to cover up a bigger issue.

He alleged that the registrar, Dr Oludayo Olumuyiwa was the chief conspirator, adding that if not for his lawyer, Barr. Femi Falana, his innocence would be unknown.
The registrar has however denied all claims, according to our source the registrar, Olumuyiwa is allegedly a sexual predator in Covenant University who has had sexual relations with some female students.

There are reports that Olumuyiwa has now resigned.

Scroll to see tweets from Emmanuel, his chat with a student and Mr Makinde’s Shenanigans.
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Adooh Lied! This is The Truth.

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Mr Muyiwa’s Chat With A Female Student: Watermarked1(2018-09-12-527 pm) Watermarked2(2018-09-12-527 pm) Watermarked3(2018-09-12-527 pm)

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