Falz, Sean Tizzle, Dj Lambo, Ike Ogbonna, Storm ‘Grill at the Pent’ THE HEADLINES Edition!



The Headlines Edition of Grill at the Pent was without doubt, totally on fire orecently. Though it looked like the fun would be marred by mild showers, guests wouldn’t have any of such, as they braced the rain and partied all night with no holds barred.


Featuring a stellar cast of high rollers, socialites, trendsetters, celebrities and fashionistas, stylists, the evening went down as one of the best to happen in recent times.


So with high expectation, guests, in numbers made their way to venue all looking ravishing and delectable-with one aim in mind, to have a grill good time.


All through, it was a thrill night, as ultra premium vodka Ciroc, was on continuous flow with sparklers lighting up the night, and the grill was off the hook up, as our cameras spotted quite a few, munching on the ever tasty signature GATP Chips Delight.


Guests had a good time clinking glasses and dancing to the music courtesy the tremendous trio of DJs Ruud, Skura and undisputed leading female music maestro, DJ Lambo.


Falz, Sean Tizzle, Ketchup, Zed Eye, Swanky Jerry, Ike Ogbonna and wife Sonia, were among a host celebrities on the evening.


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Partners include Weyworld and Bang and Kosher, while other media partners include Bella Naija, 360Nobs, Style Vitae, MTV Base, HeadphonesandMicPR, City People and Beat FM.


Drink and Celebrate Life Responsibly with Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka .


Grill at the Pent takes place every Sunday. It is taking the party to Abuja with its Power Circle Edition holding at the Sky Lounge, Penthouse Saffire Paza, Adetokumbo Ademola, Wuse 2.


Photo Credit: M4L Photography





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