Head Into New Year With These Fashion Resolutions: 5 Fashion Habits It’s Time To Break

We all have our bad habits. But by making a few tweaks here and there, it’s not difficult to undo your bad fashion habits. Here’s a look at six offenses you may be guilty of — and how to resolve to bring a little more style to your life.

Wearing Heels That Kill Your Feet

Yes, sky-high stilettos look hot. And when you see celebrities posing on the red carpet in 6-inch platform heels, you get inspired to sport the same styles. But there’s a big difference between striding a few feet in those crazy shoes, posing for a few minutes, and then kicking them off moments later, and having to walk 10 city blocks in them before you even get to your destination. A 3-inch heel is still sexy, will allow you to walk rather than teeter, and won’t leave your feet blistered and bruised.

OnoBello OnoBello
Adaku Ufere In Flats Makida Moka In 3 Inch Heels
Stephanie Coker In Sandals

And if you’ve had it with heels, altogether, no problem! Flats, smoking slippers, loafers, and menswear-style oxfords are all trendy and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Remember: Happy feet make for a happy woman, and that’s way sexier than a bloody heel, no matter how fab the shoe is.

Wearing Clothes Straight Off The Rack

Deola Bali
Lillian Esoro

 Tailored Outfits

 Here’s one major difference between the way clothes fit most women, and the way clothes fit the stars: tailoring. As most shoppers know, it’s rare to find a pair of pants, a blazer, or a dress shirt that fits perfectly in the dressing room. The length might be too long. The hips may fit, but the waist may be loose. The arms are great, but the bust puckers. Thankfully, there are tailors trained to fix these things, but are you taking advantage of them?

Only Wearing Black

OnoBello OnoBello
Ezinne Alfa Ugonna Omerua
Wunika Mukan

Black is chic, always in style, and, yes, totally slimming. But, ladies, there’s a world of color out there, just waiting to be explored. And it’s OK to start small: Try adding a bright pink or coral blouse under your black suit, a green scarf over your black T-shirt, or a multi-color statement necklace with your LBD. If even that’s too much, look for an orange or blue bag or a red shoe to add a little pop to your all-black ensemble. Once you get comfortable go bolder with a pink pencil skirt and chambray shirt or mint green jeans with a camel sweater.

Buying Lots Of Cheap Items

OnoBello OnoBello

Where to start? A perfect pair of black pumps, a wear-anywhere little black dress, a tailored blazer that can go with slacks, a skirt or jeans, a cashmere sweater, and a fabulous well-constructed handbag.

Saving Your Best Accessories, Clothing, And Shoes For Special Moments

You have those earrings from your grandmother you adore, but they rarely leave your jewelry box. Or that sequined blouse you bought for New Year’s Eve that you still love, but feel is too fancy. Well, we say, why not wear sequins by day? Why not break out your diamonds for work? Why not throw that amazing fur-collared coat on with your boyfriend jeans?

OnoBello OnoBello
Labisi Folawiyo Osas Ighodaro
Rita Dominic

Life is too short to let your best items waste away in your closet. What’s the point of spending a lot of money on a beautiful dress, only to wear it to your cousin’s wedding and never again? We resolve to wear out our favorite pieces, so when you see us in sparkles at the supermarket, feel free to offer your compliments.

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