Fashion Mid-Week Top 6: Complete Guide To Appropriate Outfits For Different Occasions

So many times you go for an occasion and feel out of place because you have somehow managed to dress out inappropriately. It might be a chic look that you are spotting when it should be a casual spotty look, or it could just be that everyone else seems to have gotten a different invitation.

With this week’s Fashion Top 6, here are six different occasions and how to dress for them.

What To Wear To The Beach

Product Information: American Eagle Dress, Floppy Beach Hat, Wet Seal Bikini, Aeropstale Tote, Bracelet, Sandals.

If you’re planning a beach vacation, why not step out in a cute ruffled bikini with striped shorts? The overall look here is very matchy-matchy, but that’s part of what makes it work. A pretty pink dress is the focus of this outfit, layered over a crisp white bikini with metallic accents. A wide brimmed hat adds style and sun protection for your scalp, while white and gold metallic accessories tie the whole ensemble together.

What To Wear To A Job Interview

Product Information: Wrap Shift Dress, Elbow Turn Up Blazer, Briefcase Bag, Black Court Shoes, Pearl Set Earrings, Watch.

Your goal in a job interview is simple: you want the job. How does your outfit help or hurt your chances of being successful? When it comes to interview attire, there&#39s no one-suit-fits-all approach but you have to dress to impress, constantly.

What To Wear To A Concert

Product Information: Sequin Gold Crop Top, Classic Skinny Jeans, Boots, Bracelets, Statement Ring, Glitter Earring Studs, Oversized Carry All Bag.

Well basically, for this outfit, there is a great flexibility depending on the concert or show you are going for. The Chris Brown Concert would be a more casual look, white a concert by Iyanya would be flashier.

What To Wear For Date Night

Product Information: Vibrant BodyCon Dress, Animal Print Platforms, Nude Clutch, Wrap Bracelet, Nude Lipstick, Chandelier Earrings.

For a date night you really just want to go all out, especially if it’s a first date. Even if it is a date with the long-time spouse you still want to be able to wow him into remembering the physical things he loves about you. So the outfit for the date night is more about showing off your body but rightly, nothing is ever good when done over the top.

What To Wear To A Club Party

Product Information: Black Lace Detail Dress, Sequin Pumps, Spiked Bracelet, Statement Neck Piece, Statement Rings.

You would need something comfortable enough for you to have fun and dance in, but also something fashionable enough to catch the eye of that gentleman at the club. A club outfit has to be done in moderation, especially the makeup, and shouldn’t really be all clingy to your body. A simple dress saves so much stress, and it’s always easy to fall back on black.

What To Wear To Travel

Product Information: V-Nect Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Neck Scarf, Ballet Flats, Oversize Sun Shades

To travel you have to be the most comfortable you can be, especially if it is a long journey without breaks. Apart from packing the mandatory travel aids like novel, music and properly charged devices, you would need flats or flip flops to allow your feet rest easy and a casual breezy t-shirt would do the trick every single time, you can also add a scarf or blazer in case of cold.


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