Fashion Tips: 7 Dress Types To Give You A Slimmer Look

Exercise is good, and eating right is even better. However, there are ways to take off weight without moving a muscle. Of course these fashion tips cannot be employed forever, but they are ideal for days when you are feeling low and would rather have someone compliment you on your cinched waist. Here are our top dresses for a slimmer looking body.

The “Your Waist Is So Little!” Black Dress

This cannot be stressed enough, the LBD is a wardrobe staple, which makes it all the more important that you feel attractive while wearing it. A mesh panel in the waist smoothes out any would-be muffin top, so you&#39re svelte without sucking in.

The “Have You Been Doing Sit-Ups?” Dress

This color-blocked style melts away pounds—or at least creates the illusion of it. Remember the one Toolz wore for the Iyanya concert? It’s easier to wear a dress that has spliced sides and gives the illusion of a curvy waist. The black band sides widen around the hips thereby making them look fuller and giving you a slim waist.

The “Lets Cover It Up” Dress

Peplum is really not going anywhere, at least for a while. Best to embrace the trend as quick as possible and the peplum dress works for everybody. It makes the thicker girls have a smaller waist and it makes the thinner girls have wider hips; it’s a win-win.

The “Camera-Doesn&#39t-Add-Any-Pounds” Dress

The V-neck wrap style has long been a staple in TV anchors&#39 wardrobes and it is a favourite in ours too. The dress calls attention to the waist by pulling it sideways and giving you a slimming look without making you uncomfortable. It’s perfect for day time and work.

The “Wow, You Look Gooood” Dress

Waist cinched dresses have a way of making you seem so much slimmer in a flattering way. These types of dresses are suitable for anyone looking to display a flat stomach. Using the dress with a boat-neckline will drag attention to your collarbones first, which makes it even better as collarbones are almost always flattering.

The “Yes, You Can Wear Stripes” Dress

Horizontal and even vertical stripes have gotten a bad rap. When they&#39re strategically placed, they can accent your assets like a real-world version of Photoshop. Thick black horizontal stripes emphasize the bust line and gradually get thinner—and start running diagonally—from the waist down. The horizontal pattern, when done right, can make you look longer and leaner.

The “You&#39re So Pulled Together!” Dress

Belts make the world go round. They help to highlight your upper and lower body parts while calling attention to the tiny middle that holds it all together. Belts are amazing for complementing the body, but you always have to make sure you have it just right and now like an “I can’t breather” kind of look.  

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