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Fearless OnoBello--2

Fearless Pursuit explores Lagos as a society using fashion and portraiture to tell a tale of craftsmanship, industry,”Africanism” and functionality in a “Lasgidi” reality.

Fearless Pursuit portrays authority in the street of Lagos showing how people succeed in the hustle and bustle and still maintaining their cool through fashion.

This fashion shoot deploys several popular elements widely known in the city for motion, rush and resilience like the Danfo (yellow bus), Okada (motorbike) and shoe shiner but we restrained them from such energy in order to give reign to the Clothes (fashion).

Scroll for more pictures from the shoot.

Fearless OnoBello-


Fearless OnoBello-1


Fearless OnoBello-2


Fearless OnoBello--2


Fearless OnoBello--3


Fearless OnoBello-4


Fearless OnoBello-5


Fearless OnoBello-7


Fearless OnoBello-8


Fearless OnoBello-9 Fearless OnoBello-11


Fearless OnoBello-15


Fearless OnoBello-18 


Label: Rogue @rogue_ng

Design/styling: Sadic @sadicoflagos

Models: Wilson @onwukawilson, Toyin @thetoyin17

Make up: Mobi @gbm_signatures

Photographer: Charlesmerit (myself) @charlesmerit1

Assistant: Bami @bamiphotography

Direction: Sadic & Charlesmerit

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