Feed Your Soul With Essential Grooves & Reads

Music is food for the soul and reading expands your mind, therefore with the two you are bound for greater heights.


We have made life simpler for you and have compiled essential grooves making waves now, we also have a list of best selling books to help you stretch your imagination and keep you thinking, its all about being a better person.


So if you love the art of listening to music and reading like we do, then this is definitely for you.


Here are four books that will sharpen your business acumen and songs that should be on your playlist.


The Elevator Speech Effect

Acclaimed motivational speaker and business consultant Terri Sjodin defines an elevator speech as a brief presentation that introduces a product, service or idea. The purpose is not to say everything about your topic-just to inspire and the listener captivated wanting to hear more. Whatever the reason may be, you may want to consider the elevator speech concept as a strategy to manage multiple talking points and to communicate more complex ideas as well.


In this book, the author offers time tested strategies, advice and work outlines, and a sample elevator speech to help you deliver convincing messages that will generate tangible results.




Beazy Featuring Chykay – Counterfeit


Listen to My Counterfeit

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Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It

If you’ve ever felt like a fish out of water, felt out of place in the scheme of things, then this book is for you.


In the words of authors Lois P Frankel and Carol Frohlinger, good girls are those girls who are more concerned with pleasing others than addressing their own personal needs, those girls who haven&#39t learned how to overcome the childhood stereotypes keeping them from getting their voices heard, their needs met, and the lives they want.


Good Girls gives an in-depth insight into is required to turn from a nice girl into a winning woman, not just in careers but also in relationships, families, and everyday life.



Bouqui Featuring Obiwon – Good & Bad


Listen to My Good & Bad

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Steve Jobs

From the author of the bestselling biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, comes this exclusive biography of Steve Jobs. This book is written by Walter Issacson is based on more than forty interviews and personal contacts with Steve Jobs conducted over two years. It also includes personal interviews with close family members, friends, business associates, competitors and even his adversaries. The book focuses mainly on the bumpy ride Steve Jobs witnessed on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Also worthy of note in this book is Steve Jobs passion for perfection, intense drive and motivation and how he transverse the world of animated movies, phones and digital data publishing.


This book remains a timeless reference material even to generations yet unborn





 Jay Z, Mode 9, Rick Ross-Three Kings


Listen to My Three Kings

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The Power Of Habit

Charles Duhigg is quite a prolific writer. In this book “The Power of Habit” he explains to the reader the thrilling scientific discovery that explains why habits exist and how they can be alternated. Written with witty intelligience, the author proves himself as a business reporter who understands the interwoven relationships between human character and business. This book is divided into three sections; the habits of individuals, the habits of successful organizations and the habits of society.


On a general note, the author shows how positively developed habits ensured the success of notable personalities like Martin Luther King Jnr, Starbucks and Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. By applying the principles in this book, we can transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives.




Julius Yankee- Juice


Listen to My Juice

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