Feeling a Little Bold? Be Inspired by Temisan’s Horizontal Stripe T-shirt

Temisan Emmanuel-2

Want to wear stripes? Start with a navy and white horizontal stripe t-shirt and wear with chinos.

For many years, it has been said that you shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes unless you want to look fatter. Turns out many have disproved this theory. If you want to wear horizontal stripes, you can start with a classic navy and white striped t-shirt.

Feeling a little more bold? Pair it with your favourite bright pair of red or orange coloured pants just like Instagram Influencer Temisan Emmanuel popular known as TeawithTay. You can also wear a horizontal stripe shirt, but we prefer to wear them in a casual setting. If you need some inspiration, check out out this Temisan’s pictures below.

Temisan Emmanuel-3


Temisan Emmanuel-4


Temisan Emmanuel-5


Temisan Emmanuel


Photos via www.instagram.com/taymesan_/


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