Mavin Records’ Press Statement On Wande Coal Confirms The End Of An Era

Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records finally released a press statement to address the issues which led to the controversy around the release of a track – Babyface – by Wande Coal after so many accusations and counter-accusations went down on twitter.

The Beginning

The press statement which seeks to put the records straight on their stand with Wande Coal goes thus:

“It is with deep regret that we officially announce the departure of recording artist Wande Ojosipe, popularly known as Wande Coal, from Mavin Records due to irreconcilable differences.

Over the past few months, Mavin Records has made a concerted move to consolidate its position in the Nigerian music industry. Mavin has pursued a renewed ethos to raise its standards of quality and professionalism to a world-class level. Wande’s vision has not aligned with ours and a few months ago all parties mutually agreed that a separation would be the best course of action.

Legal parties on both sides have spent the past six months trying to reach an amicable solution in terms of musical property rights. However the decision by Wande Coal to release ‘Baby Face’ purportedly as his own material is a direct breach of intellectual property law and compelled an immediate clarification on our part.

Both Mavin Records and Wande Coal have enjoyed a remarkable run in the course of their working relationship. It is unfortunate that conflicting priorities contributed to the premature curtailment of a hitherto fruitful accord.

Mavin Records reaffirms its goal to constantly provide high quality music to our fans and introduce new and exciting talent into the industry.
We wish Wande Coal the best of luck in all his future endeavours.”

While this press statement seeks to address the current issues, it has passed across a silent message signifying the end of Nigerian music’s most powerful force of the last decade.

9 years ago when D’Banj made a grand entrance into the Nigerian music scene with the hit track, Tongolo, not many apart from D’Banj himself saw him rising to become Nigeria’s foremost music export less than ten years later.

In a short time, with consistent hits backed up by Don Jazzy’s creative prowess and a huge drive to succeed, D’Banj grew to become a household name and Don Jazzy was hailed as the genius behind the product. “It’s Don Jazzy again!” become synonymous with the “Kokomaster” and the duo capitalized on their successes, by building Africa’s undisputed hit factory, Mo Hits records, adding super-talented Wande Coal to their respective brothers, D’Prince and Kay Switch, and Dr. Sid.

Song after song, hit after hit, award after award and endorsement after endorsement, MoHits records became the definition of success, creativity and hard work in Nigerian entertainment. Every artiste wanted to work with a Mo Hits act and be produced by the Don. Every wannabe musician dreamt of being signed to Mohits. Mo hits had achieved cult status.

Mo Hits Empire

When in 2011 D’Banj became the first indigenously-based Nigerian artiste of the modern era to score a major international collabo with his Mr. Endowed remix track with Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion), it seemed Mo Hits were finally taking the world by storm and when they signed up with Kanye West’s Good Music, nobody was surprised that it was Mo hits that achieved the feat.

The Peak

As they say however, “the only way to go when you reach the top is down” and that proved to be the case, as less than a year after the record-breaking deal with Good Music, Mo Hits became defunct. Disbelief, shock, accusations, counter accusations, controversy and more controversy greeted the development but it was final as both parties picked up their pieces and moved on.

D&#39Banj goes Solo with Kay Switch

D’Banj and his brother, Kay Switch left Mo Hits to start DB Records, while Don Jazzy signed Tiwa Savage and renamed his label to Mavin Records.

Mavin Records

Both sides have released music in the time since that split and there have been ups and downs. Musically, both parties have suffered as D’Banj has not been able to come up with a hit to match his previous international chart toppers, while Don Jazzy hasn’t been able to produce his club anthems of time past. Commercially however, both parties have fared well, as D’Banj, ever the showman has remained relevant, while Don Jazzy has stepped out of his ‘Don’ toga to become the leading brand of his new crew.

Just when it seemed the dust had finally settled and all the animousity arising from the split of Mo Hits was over – as evidenced by Don Jazyy and D’banj performing together at D’Banj’s sister’s wedding, Wande Coal, arguably the biggest brand remaining with Don Jazzy has left.

Wande goes solo too

While what happens in the next couple of weeks is still anybody’s guess, the sure fact remains that the most strongest and most dynamic Nigerian music institution of the last decade has crumbled and Don Jazzy’s invincibility has deserted him(no matter how temporary). Why are they leaving the Don Jazzy? We cannot answer that question definitely but what is sure is that the Don has to rebuild again (Dr. Sid and D’Prince currently do not have the brand power to carry the label, while Tiwa Savage cannot carry the burden alone).

Don Jazzy&#39s new crew

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