Five Pastors Discovered To Have Performed Similar Miracles On The Same Woman


The social media space went agog yesterday  when it was discovered that two different pastors performed the same healing process for the same woman who had a deformed right arm. While the pastors involved are still being dragged, new videos has revealed that three more pastors have used the same woman in question as well.

One of the initial two pastors, Dr Chris Okafor, the founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, aka Liberation City, came under fire yesterday after the video surfaced online.

Both pastors were seen gesticulating and performing wonders on the arm of the woman while the congregation looked on, applauding the power of God in his servants.

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Surprisingly, the two pastors were not the only clergy to have come across this particular woman, it was discovered today that three others have equally performed the same miracle on the woman, also healing her in the process. Ooops!

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