For The Elegant Woman! Womenswear Brand NIIFFE Presents Her New Collection “The Edge Of Desire”


The city is filled with expressions; drive, determination, gracefulness, luxury, power and most importantly, style. Each day in life is or should be started with a desire to be better, to succeed. Sitting on that edge is how we choose to present ourselves to the world each of those days.

The collection is themed around a quiet power shrouded by Desire. Each piece is designed such that while exuding said power it’s still fun, flirty and hopeful. As such you will find strong colors and silhouettes paired with very flirty, almost romantic yet very confident cuts.

We present the collection starting with elegant lines, then gradually bringing forward with each step, excitement and adventure in terms of colors and lines, patterns and shapes. Live on the edge of this desire with us, explore your inner goddess as we present to you our 2017 collection.

The collection will be exhibited live at the sales event on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017, Visit for more photos

See lookbook below









DSC_0699 copy


Photographer @ikeokwechime
Models @kaysizzl @claireukah

Styled By @asgardianbonje

Makeup @signaturetouchbeauty

Designer- @yourniiffe



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