Frenemies! I Have An Apparent Friend Who Is Actually More Of An Enemy

If you have a frenemy (an apparent friend who is actually more of an enemy),the relationship can zap your energy and leave you feeling deflated. The exact opposite of what you should be getting out of a friendship. Here’s how to leave the toxic situation.


Frenemy Masterclass- Three Important Tips


Take all the energy out of the relationship by not engaging with your frenemy or by engaging as little as possible. That means not answering emails responding to posts, voicemails or texts just do nothing at all. A relationship, even a toxic one needs some energy to keep it going and, if you put no energy into it at all, it will die out.


Some frenemies can be vicious if they feel they are being rejected-so be nice about it. If they invite you out, be prepared with a stock excuse. Frenemies thrive on drama, so don’t get into a fight or be dramatic about it, just be unavailable all the time.


At their core, most frenemies have very low self–esteem-they don’t feel good about themselves and can be incredibly jealous. They often need others to feel equally bad about themselves in order to make themselves feel better. If you refuse to participate in bitching and gossiping, your frenemy will lose interest in having you as friend. It’s easier to allow her to feel she is dumping you than for you to dump her.


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