Get The Perfect Pout Just Like Kim Kardashian In Two Swift Steps

These days, everyone wants that perfect sexy but not trying too hard pout just like reality star Kim Kardashian right? You want your lips in ‘selfie’ photos to look seductive? That’s the whole idea… Well read on to find out how to achieve the perfect pout.


Luscious, long lasting lip colour requires more effort than just rolling out a lipstick and applying it straight from the tube. But no matter the effort put into applying lipstick, the end result is always worth it. We shall be putting you through two amazing swift steps to help achieve a flawless pout any day and anywhere a lip brush and tissue are all the extra ammunition you need.


Step 1:
Use a lipbrush to apply a thin layer of lipstick starting at the centre of your mouth and blending outward. Several thin layers of colour will last a lot longer than a single thick coating. Avoid the corners so you don’t end up with a clown mouth.

Step 2:
Press your lips together to soften the overall effect and blot your mouth with a piece of tissue, reapply another coat of lipstick after blotting.

The Quickie:
Apply lipstick straight from the tube, dabbing (not rubbing) it on. If you have a tissue, blot your mouth; if not, get on with your day!


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