Get Your Game On And Wow The Boss Plus Tips On How To Handle Annoying Co-Workers

Try these super-fast sharpness boosters, inspired by new researches, to get your game on and wow the boss.




Got one minute?

Test your memory…Look at whatever’s directly in front of you for 30 seconds. Now close your eyes and visualise what you saw. Without looking up, write down 10 items you just spied. This forces your brain to use both its language and visual areas, it’s the perfect mental tune-up before an important presentation.


Got two minutes?

Crank up some music…Upbeat songs increase levels of feel-good brain chemical dopemine and “being in a good mood inhibits parts of the brain that are critical”, so you are better able to come up with creative ideas”.


Got Seven Minutes?

See green…Take several minutes to look at the images of land, sea and sky. Nature’s restful effect can enhance memory and attention by almost 20%, a small study by the university of Michigan found.


Got 10 minutes?

Play more…Ten minutes of a non-violent video game like Tetris quickens your thought processes, letting you make decisions and see connections faster. Bonus: video games distract you from anxieties, which can hamper quick thinking.


Got 15 minutes?

Have some coffee…Or tea, for that matter. Caffeine revs up the central nervous system and boosts the hormone Norepinephrine, which acts like brain adrenaline. You’ll see an improvement in attention and problem-solving. But to avoid the jitters, don’t drink more than one cup.




 How To Handle Annoying Co-Workers


You spend more time with your colleagues than with your best friend. Here’s how to turn an office bore into an office buddy.


The character box: seemingly harmless, she’s always interrupting your work whether it’s a 15-minute chat about the weather or a detailed discussion about her boyfriend. If she’s stopping you doing your job, say “I’d love to talk, but can we do lunch this weekend? I’m super-busy right now”.


Negativity can bring the entire office down, so try suggesting to your co-workers by saying “I’m sorry, the big boss says I have to be serious with work for the next two weeks to get a good appraisal. It works every time!


All these tips should do the magic, have a wonderful week ahead! 


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