Ghanaian Fashion Label 1981 By Nana Brenu Debuts “Layers” 2013 Collection

1981 is a contemporary Ghanaian modern brand specially crafted and tailored to meet the discerning tastes of today&#39s modern woman. 1981&#39s design philosophy is a reflection of one&#39s personality thus every piece created is aimed to enhance one&#39s personality. Nana Brenu is the Creative Director for 1981.

In this collection, a contrast was created between structured vs. fluid layers and achieved this through the use of fabrics with diff technical properties. (e.g. a stiff and rigid jersey fabric vs. a fluid and soft silk cady fabric). For colours a neutral palette was chosen to help convey that architectural feeling while adding a touch of colour to bring some warmth and pop to the collection, reflecting once again the notion of contrast fundamental to the brands philosophy. These elements help give a three dimensional and modern look and feel to the collection.

With great emphasis being placed on fit, comfort and ease of wear, the collection is effortless, chic and practical, despite its modern look and feel.

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