#GoFashion! Fashion Icon, Lanre DaSilva Ajayi At Loggerheads With Football Legend, Daniel Amokachi

Nigerian fashion designer, Lanre DaSilva Ajayi (LDA) was a guest on Channels Television programme, ‘Sunrise Today’, on Saturday, 25 October where she talked about the fashion industry. She also made some comments that has been causing various twitter reactions since Saturday.


Watch LDA on Channels:


See some of her comments below:

How can Congoooooooo beat Nigeria?

Fashion is the next big thing now, what is football?

Our fashion industry has grown a lot and it’s still growing…

With the money spent on football, I can set up several fashion entrepreneurs in the world

Seriously, imagine being beaten by Congo, SMH…I am just shaking my head right now

All of what football can give and more! Fashion can become the true passion of Naija!

Anyone that chooses can challenge me on this; I am so ready to defend it!

It’s Game On! #GoFashion

Fashion is definitely a way better venture to express our passion

I am still shaking my head #GoFashion

Every smart person who is talented will be looking to explore fashion

Lanre DaSilva Ajayi

Football legend, Daniel Amokachi stepped in yesterday night to put up a few tweets in response to Lanre DaSilva Ajayi’s comment. He also made more comments on Monday morning on Brilla FM when he was interviewed on “Hard Tackle”

See his quotes:

Fashion is bigger than football? That is like saying Nigeria is bigger that the United States of America.

Football has been around for decades, people just started paying attention to fashion.

Football unites everybody, there is no sentiment when it comes to football.

Mention football to people living in Sokoto or even in the village, everyone can identify with it.

Who knows Lanre Da Silva? But everyone knowOkocha, Kanu and the big footballers.

It is not what Ronaldo puts on that makes people pay attention to him, it is what goes on the field for 90mins that makes people respect him.

It will take decades for fashion to meet football.

Daniel Amokachi


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