Grill At The Pent Takes To The Sky With The Flight School Edition !


Previously on Grill at the Pent, was the Flight School edition which saw the only flight for the day GATP Flight M871 took off at approximately 7:15pm, with a full capacity heading from Capital Boredom to City Euphoria. With all the seats booked weeks ahead, and no one missing the flight, you could envisage the trip would be a one of a kind.

Guests upon arrival at the point of departure – CovaRootop Mega Plaza, were welcomed by beautiful and experienced hostess clad in their neatly tailored flight uniforms, directed guests to the seating area which had the First Class Lounge and Business Class Lounge.

Knowing fully well that the excitement of everyone on-board rested on their shoulders, the pilots for the night,Captains Ruud, Skura and Guest Co- Pilot Captain Spinall ensured that no turbulence was felt, except that booming through the speakers in the form of massive hits back to  back.

Also not forgetting the Food court serving very tasty grilled munchies was on hand to ensure everyone was well feed, and  most importantly complimentary Ciroc cocktails to guarantee the flight was relaxing  one.

Just in case you missed GATP Flight School M871, not to worry, keep your fingers crossed as we plan an even greater trip for you in the coming weeks.

The next edition  of Grill at the Pent Lagos holds on Sunday August , 2016.

M4L-006 M4L-067

1 2 M4L-001 M4L-3 M4L-005

M4L-6 M4L-009 M4L-010 M4L-012 M4L-016 M4L-16 M4L-18 M4L-19 M4L-24 M4L-25 M4L-027 M4L-31 M4L-033 M4L-034 M4L-34 M4L-37

M4L-040 M4L-43 M4L-045 M4L-45 M4L-46 M4L-048 M4L-48 M4L-49 M4L-51 M4L-053 M4L-054

M4L-54 M4L-55 M4L-057 M4L-58 M4L-060 M4L-61 M4L-063 M4L-63 M4L-64

M4L-073 M4L-078 M4L-79 M4L-082 M4L-072

Photo Credit:M4L Photography

Written by Olufunke Edidi











































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