Hapers Bazaar Sits With Kris and Kylie Jenner, Discusses Family, Fame And Feminism

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Media Personality, Socialite and Founder of Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner recently covered the July/August Issue of Harpers Magazine alongside her mother, Kris Jenner, a business woman, author and TV personality.

In a discussion With Hapers Bazaar Magazine, Kris and Kylie Jenner discuss the amazing mother-daughter bond they share. Kylie reveals how her entourage into motherhood positively shaped her perspectives on life, motherhood and child upbringing. She says “Now, I can understand the way that she feels about me, the way that she loves me.”

Kris Jenner also explains the role of time in shaping their relationship: “We’ve always been very connected emotionally and spiritually and have this incredible bond. But I think as we both get older, our relationship shifts a bit”

The discussion drifted towards Feminism and it is definitely no doubt that the Kardashian Girls have been a powerful force in women empowerment.

Kris Jenner says “I think when the girls, Kourtney, Kimberly and Khloe, first started doing our show, people really responded to them because they offered an image of something that was different. It gave young women self-esteem… and when Kylie grew up and came onto the scene, she was really disruptive in the beauty industry and turned that on it’s head, too!”

The magazine also captured Stormi, Kylie’s daughter alongside Kylie and Kris Jenner. Hapers Bazaar Magazine puts it this way “For the first time ever, a three-generation image of Kris, Kylie and Stormi is captured by a magazine.

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