Health Tips: Top Ways To Get Toned Legs

Being fit is a very important aspect of our everyday lives and you can get strong and lean legs with easy steps. For lovely legs, it&#39s important to do the exercises in exact order. These tips are designed to tone your muscles to the max.

Squats With Weights

For ultra-toned legs, squats are your best friend. To start, keep them simple: Take two light dumbbells and hold them firmly in a straight line from your shoulder. Bend your knees and, keeping your back nice and straight, squat down. Try to perform these movements under control, drawing your naval to your spine at all times.

Sumo Squats

These only require one weight, held in-between your legs, which are now placed slightly further apart. While doing sumo squats, try to focus on contracting your inner thigh muscles, keeping the movement steady and pulsing. As with regular squats, keep a straight back, and always remember to breathe in on the downwards movement and out as you push upward.

Alternate Lunges

For these, start with your two feet shoulder distance apart, and then step forwards with alternate legs. When doing lunges, make sure you go down until your rear knee nearly touches the mat. And remember, no pain, no gain!

Pulsing Lunges

For quick-fire side lunges, keep your back straight, and set out left, back to centre, then right. If you&#39re doing these pulsing lunges correctly, you&#39ll feel a tightening in your front thigh. When that starts to happen, don’t stop! Make doubly sure you carry on with the repetitions.

Lateral Bounce

The lateral bounce involves you jumping from foot to foot, kicking your alternative heel up behind you as you go. Make sure when you land performing this movement, that you do so safely and softly, always keeping your knees bent. Don’t underestimate this exercise – it&#39s a tough one!


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