Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015- Sisiano

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-1 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-2

Sisiano showcased its Spring/Summer 2016 collection titled “Birds at War” on day 4 at the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015.

The collection consisted of both menswear and womenswear pieces that came in subtle tones of white grey, blue, black and a yellow.

We love the beauty and fluidity of the pieces. There is a sophisticated aura in the pieces and the aesthetics of the clothes would definitely appeal to a fashion conscious woman and man.

View the collection below.

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-3 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-4
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-5 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-6
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-7 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-8
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-9 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-10
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-11 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-12
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-13 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-14
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-15 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-16
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-17 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-18
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-20 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-21
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-22 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-23
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-24 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-25
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-26 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-27
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-28 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-29

Photo Credit:  Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)



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