Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015- T.I Nathan

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-1 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-2

Popularly known as a menswear designer, T.I Nathan showcased both a menswear and womenswear collection on day 4 at the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2015.

Models strutted in pieces that are not for the faint hearted fashion lover.

Though pieces were simple, colourful and well-cut pieces, it collection showed that the brand is not one to conform to fashion norms.

The style aesthetics are well-coordinated in effortlessly easy way and the brand’s interpretation of minimally and simple fashion.

View the collection below.

Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-3 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-4
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-5 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-6
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-7 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-8
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-9 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-10
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-11 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-12
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-13 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-14
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-15 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-16
Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-17 Heineken-LFDW2015-OnoBello-18

Photo Credit:  Kola Oshalusi (Insigna)




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