Help! How Do I Revive My Dating Life? I Need A Cure For Being Chronically Single

Reading through our the hundreds of emails we receive at our editorial department weekly, I came across a feedback email from one of our readers who asked us to help her with her relationship dilemma. My heart went to her in the short but expressive email she had sent through, she complained of not knowing of ways to get into dating as her last relationship was four years ago, she felt like she has been single all her life especially as she’s crossed the 30s mark. I know a lot of women and men go through ‘relationship rot’ and this lead us to do some research in this area and we hope what we have here will help your situation.

Well, it&#39s not an official medical diagnosis, but being single for an extended period of time can become a chronic problem for some. After the footloose and fancy free stage wears of off from having a certain level of freedom and independence, often a mild case of loneliness, sadness and depression can occur. Although the amount of time may vary from person to person, being chronically single can be treated – and quite possibly cured.

One way to break the cycle is to follow sound doctor&#39s advice – &#39physician heal thyself&#39. By taking matters into your own hands, you are bettering the chances of finding Mr. Right instead of waiting for him to find you. Have you been diagnosed as “Chronically Single”? Try these simple tips to revive your dating life.

Get Contagious

Go places where you can meet other people and make new friends. Join a hiking group, sign up for a cooking class or take a singles cruise. The more you immerse yourself into the outside world, the more you are increasing your chances of meeting someone who shares your interests.  

Go Viral

If you are active on social networks, now is the time to step up your game. Make new Facebook friends, follow more local people on Instagram and engage more on Twitter. If you aren&#39t on any of the popular sites, choose one and go big. Build a profile and let your online personality shine. Social networking is a great way to express yourself. Just be careful not to over share, leave juicy details for face to face conversations.

Get Passionate About Something

Get passionate about something – anything – and get involved with it. Are you a political activist? Help a local campaign and fight for your cause. Love animals? Volunteer at the shelter. Want to write a book? Join a writing group. The more you focus on something you love, the better you will feel.

Check Your Vital Signs

Pay more attention to your behavior. Are you giving off the wrong impression without knowing it? Make eye contact with the barista at Starbucks, smile at the bank teller and say thank you to the person who holds a door open for you. Shoulders back, spine straight and keep that chin up, Buttercup. You never know what handsome stranger may cross your path. You want to be sure you see him when he does.

Don&#39t Make It Fatal

If you&#39re single, embrace it. Don&#39t sit around and have poor me pity parties or beat yourself up over it. Enjoy this time of your life to have a bed all to yourself, to not have to fight over a remote or get frustrated over the toilet seat being left up. The happier you are with you – whatever that version is of you – the better you will be for anyone who comes into your life. Loving yourself is the ultimate remedy and the best cure for any situation.

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