Here’s How To Avoid Under Eye Creases According To Lola OJ – Watch!



Beauty vlogger, Lola OJ is out with another tutorial and this one is centered on under eye creases.

If you’ve been battling with this particular ish, this tutorial is for you.

Lola herself says: “I know I am not alone when it comes to finding under eye creases very annoying!

For many of us, concealing the under eye is part of our make up routine, not only does it brighten up your face making you look more youthful but it can also be used to mask dark circles, hyper pigmentation, etc.

For me I mainly conceal my under eye to hide my vague freckles and to make my face look more fresh! Though I love a bright under eye I hate cakey and greasy lines that can form after wearing make up for a lengthy period of time.

Well! About a year ago I did find a solution that seemed to work wonders for me and has pretty much eliminated this problem.

The main differences I made were:

  1. a) Applying concealer directly to the under eye after a layer of primer, not on top of foundation.
  2. b) Using a damp beauty blender to apply the concealer.
  3. c) Using a liquid based concealer, nothing thicker.
  4. d) Baking – leaving setting powder on an area for a period of time to seal the products.

*Please note, this may not work for everybody due to skin types etc. but it made a huge difference for me!”

Watch her d her thing!


Written by Olufunke Edidi 



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