Hey Ladies! 3 Financial Talks You Need To Have With Your Man

There’s no reason to grill him, just have these conversations if things are getting serious.



In the breathless first days of a new relationship, when banter is all about music and movies, a few of us want to lean across a candlelit table and whisper “Do you have any savings?”. Most women however avoid the topic for fear they’ll be seen as gold diggers or have to expose their own imperfect track record. Broaching this subject is crucial to your emotional and financial wellbeing. Here are the three money talks every couple should have.

The Just-Dating Talk

His Spending Habit

At this stage, you‘re looking for clues about his money personality. Is he an overspender? A pennypincher? “No need to be so direct or ask what’s in your savings?- just use the share and ask approach. For instance, you could say, “I’ve got N100, 000. 00 as my savings, how about you?’

The It’s-Getting-Serious-Talk

His Money History

“If it hasn’t already come up, it’s time to ask the tough questions. “Do you have any savings?”. And yes you have to reveal your numbers too. There’s nothing to be ashamed of here, it will help you know what you might be getting into.


The Moving-In Talk

Your Financial Future

“If you’re thinking about living together or getting engaged, full disclosure of debts and investments is a must. You should also talk about how you’re going to split the bills. Discuss your financial goals for the next five years and the next 20 and be sure they line up. “Women often think “I love this person; I don’t have to worry”. But you can’t take your sex life to the bank to pay your bills. Nothing is as sexy as a guy who is good to you and good with money


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