Homeless Man Caught Eating Fufu With Water Rescued By Nigerian Philanthropist


Nigerian philanthropist, Kokun Foundation has rescued an homeless man after he was caught on camera eating Fufu, a staple West African food with water serving as the soup.

The man identified as Victor in the video said he is from Osun state and have been feeding that way for a long time when questioned by an unidentified woman who captured the moment.

She further gave him a sum of N5,000 to find something to eat and also promised to render help in any way she could. Kokun Foundation, touched by the man’s story visited him and shared the encounter on his Instagram.

“Sometimes Life is not Fair! My heart Bleed with different individuals I met on my visitation today! I was shock to see this man eating Fufu with water and he said I don’t have hope or help and I am very hungry!” he wrote.

He also revealed how he surprised Victor with a sum of money towards the aim of getting a roof over his head and starting a business. “I went back to meet Victor this morning and when I saw him, he was reading a devotional book! He thank me for yesterday and he said I ate well last night! Today I surprised me with 350,000 Naira to get a house of 100k and use 250,000 Naira for business and he was totally Amazed and happy!!” he shared.

He also shared a video of Victor having a proper meal at a fancy restaurant. Nigerians have since taken to social media to commend Kokun Foundation and his acts of philanthropy.

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