Hot Shots! Actress, Kiersey Clemons Talks “Betraying” Her Hair in New Allure Magazine Feature

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Actress, Kiersey Clemons shares her classic love story – Kiersey and her hair. In her Allure September feature, the star tells the magazine why she feels like she “betrayed” her hair.

“It’s a classic love story: me and my hair. I have loved my hair. I have betrayed my hair. My hair and I have gone through this long, gut-wrenching relationship.

“Growing up, I had really big hair. Giant hair. As I got older, the goal was to make it smaller — I wanted to look like everyone else. So I got a weave. I would manipulate my hair and try to make it straight.

“I moved around a lot. Where I lived determined how comfortable I felt with myself. It had to do with race sometimes — I mean, most of the time, actually. I went to high school in Redondo Beach, California. I think my beauty worries were different than everyone else’s beauty worries because Redondo Beach was predominantly white.

“My high school friends and I would go to the beach, and my issue was not my hair blowing in the wind or sand in my lipstick. It was my hair getting wet — and my wanting to keep it straight. You start to notice that boys like girls with that type of hair. And I will never have hair like that.”

See more shots below:

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Read the full interview here.


Fashion stylist: Sean Knight.

Hair: Nikki Providence.

Makeup: Samuel Paul.

Manicure: Nettie Davis.

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