Hot Topic: Will Nigeria Take On Nudity In Fashion And Media As Accepted In Parts Of Europe And America?

The reason for this article was as a result of the new editorials I found online of models Ataui Deng and Alima Fofanain Glamour France June 2013 issue.

As I usually do everyday, I browse online to see what the latest editorials are and found myself staring at a page with two stunning black models in a fashion editorial for Glamour France magazine June 2013 issue. There is no doubt that the models are stunning, gorgeous, beautiful and sexy and the photography and styling is excellent however some of the photos are of nudity and sexual imagery.

This is not the first time I have seen nude editorials of models or celebrities in fashion magazine editorials or campaigns. I like to think I am enlightened enough not to have a problem with nudity, but as I stared at the photos I found myself wondering “why do models or celebrities have to strip down exposing their chest or bottom areas to sell fashion, what is the point of it all”?

How does this artistic expression translate to fashion today and do you see Nigerian magazines and campaigns especially taking on this nudity and sexual imagery?

Well, I believe fashion and editorials are about selling a lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on this subject?

Do you think Nigeria will take on nudity in fashion and media as accepted in some parts of Europe and America?

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Glamour France June 2013

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