How The Ooni Of Ife Selected His New Olori

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Contrary to beliefs that the marriage between the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi and his new Olori, Wuraola Zynab Otiti was a love match, the Oba’s sisters have come out to share the real truth about how the selection of the Oba’s bride (who happens to bear his mother’s name -Wuraola) and marriage came about. See photos from the royal marriage here.

In a chat with City People Magazine, the Ooni’s sisters; Princess Adesola, Folashade and Adebimpe spoke about how Wuraola came to be the Ooni’s bride, the nasty rumors trailing her, the King’s first wife Adebukunola, and more.

Read excerpts from their interview below…

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                             The Ooni’s sisters, Adesola, Folashade and Adebimpe


You are here in Benin to pick a new wife for Ooni of Ife, how do you feel about this?

I am so happy. As you can see I am excited. You can see we are smiling and enjoying ourselves.God has done a great thing in the life of Kabiyesi and in the family of Ogunwusi generally. May His name be exalted. We welcome Queen Wuraola Ogunwusi into the family and I pray she shall give us good children and twins by the special grace of God.

Immediately you saw her, what came to your mind?

I saw her as a pleasant woman and a very accommodating one at that. A good wife that will take care of the custom and tradition of Yoruba of Ife.A good woman that will take care of her husband.

It obvious that Kabiyesi would have met her a long time but he just decide to introduce her to the family now?

No, Kabiyesi didn’t meet her a long time, it was the oracle who revealed her to Kabiyesi. They never met before. The irumole are still alive and they are doing wonders. You know a lot of things has been happening since they introduced the new Oloori to the world. Lots of people were saying evil things about her.

The majority of what they said are not correct. They were just running her down. But to the glory of God, we still marry her. Is that not wonderful and marvelous.

Tell us what we don’t know about new Olori of Ooni of Iife?

Oh, that woman, she is amazing, very friendly and she is a female version of Kabiyesi.

A young lady once came to the palace to say she had a dream that Kabiyesi is her husband to be, what will happen to the lady now that kabiyesi has got a new wife?

The book of Isaiah says the ways of the lord is not our way. Our thinking is different from God’s thinking. Like where we think something will come out from like we are human, but spiritually God has a purpose for everybody. This case of Queen Wura and Kabiyesi is divine.

Many said lots of things about the new Queen, how did you feel when you read all these things?

That is the people of the world and even people talk about the dead. It is their mouth let them run it. Nkantiobawueni body nikiofienue so.

What will happen to the Kabiyesi first wife now?

She is there and she is still an Oloori and I wish Kabiyesi long life and I pray for more wisdom for Kabiyesi.

Is it true that the Oracle revealed to Kabiyesi about Olori Wuraola?

I can’t say much but Kabiyesi told us that Oracle revealed her to him and we should accept her as our wife and the day she came to meet with the family she did wonderfully well. I have to say she is well mannered and highly cultured.

To show that it was divine intervention, many things were said about New Queen but the wedding still hold?

Isaiah 55vs8, God ways are not our ways and our ways are not God ways, God knows better. Even God says he who finds a wife, find a good thing and find favour in the presence of God. I believed that my brother Kabiyesi Oonirisa Adeyeye Babarinmisa Enitan Ogunwusi has found a good woman.

What will happen to Ooni’s first wife has his throne doesn’t forbid him to marry more wives?

Kabiyesi is in the best position to answer that question.

Read the full interview here.

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