How to Nail the Perfect Sexy Red Lips Just Like Actress Beverly Osu

Beverly su Valentine Beauty Shoot---2

Actress Beverly Osu seems to be on everyone’s lips with these photos she released in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Not only are the photos extremely stunning because of her gorgeously unique dark skin but also because of those sexy red lips.

So, we thought we would use the opportunity to give you three simple tips on how to rock perfect sexy red lips.

  1. Pick the perfect colour to complement, not compete, with your natural tone and features.
  2. Keep your makeup on the rest part of your face clean. We would advise on a nude look that is close to your skin tone.

  3. Enjoy yourself, the best accessory for a commanding lip colour? Confidence! Show it off with your beautiful smile and have fun.

Beverly su Valentine Beauty Shoot--


Shoot Credits

Makeup: @bare2beauty
Photography: @icapturestudios

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