I and My Sons Relate More As Colleagues Than Family – Adebayo Salami

Oga Bello

Oga Bello with one of his sons, Femi Adebayo 

Veteran Nollywood actor and movie producer, Adebayo Salami also called Oga Bello, has had made it clear that he and his sons, who are also in the filming industry relate more as colleagues than as family members.

The 66- year-old Kwara State-born furthered that even when at home, the professional relationship and understanding between him and his sons manifested more than their father to children rapport.

Speaking to Saturday beats, he said:

“When I am on set with my sons, I see them more as colleagues. I see them as the professionals that they are.

“That relationship has grown to the extent that even when we are at home, despite the fact that they are my children, we relate like colleagues.”

Asked if he thought age had slowed him down and reduced the number of movies he featured in these days, the veteran said that his reduced involvement in film productions was as a result of other factors and not his age.

 “Age cannot slow me down. If people don’t see me in movies as much as they used to in the past, it could be because I don’t like the scripts.

“I get a lot of invitations to be part of different movie productions but I am careful about the ones I appear in.

“I have been on location for several weeks now for a series we have been shooting.

“In terms of improving the quality of scripts and storyline of movies, we are trying our best through our association.

“As a leader, I talk to my colleagues, especially the younger ones, to come up with scripts that would carry good messages and address important issues in society and I am happy that a lot of dialogue is going on in that regard.

“As for my involvement in movies, age cannot slow me down, at least not now.”

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