I would have let God and A Lot Of People Down If I Had Quit Music -Zoro


Talking about one of the slickest indigenous rappers in Nigeria, when the likes of Olamide, Phyno, Reminisce and all other major heads are mentioned, Owoh Chimaobi popularly known as Zoro will follow. The rapper who has been consistent as regards his craft and versatility shares his journey to the fame, especially when he had to make the decision of coming to Lagos from the east, all in the search of a greener pasture.

Speaking with Vanguard, he recounted the challenges he had to face  while struggling to stamp his feet on the music scene, he stated that besides his family, friends and people who looked up to him, God would have been disappointed if he had given up.

“Just before my biggest song, imagine if I had quit. My prayers before I had my first breakthrough always reminded me of how much God would be disappointed in me if I stopped. My family also played a very big part, plus I would let a lot of people that believe in me down if I messed things up”. He said.

Speaking further, he shared the task behind being an independent artiste from the east who had to come down to Lagos,

“Being an independent artiste coming from the east to an entirely different Lagos market, I didn’t know my left from my right. It took me time to find my rhythm; but I’m fine now. I had to live with an open mind, letting myself pass through the required change process”

He noted that contrary to public knowledge, the Nigerian entertainment industry is not what it seems looking at it from the outside.

“I have come to learn that the industry is not as sweet as people see it from the outside. There is a lot of mental, psychological and emotional stress attached to it”.

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