ICYMI: Nigeria Receives Samples Of COVID-19 Vaccine From Russia

Russian COVID-19 Vaccine In Nigeria OnoBello

Russian has presented the Nigerian Government with the samples of COVID-19 vaccine in a bid to facilitate the country’s vaccine production.

Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire received the samples from Alexey Shebarshin, Russia’s Ambassador to Nigeria during a visit to the Ministry in Abuja on Friday.

The Russian Ambassador also handed over to the Ehanire an aide memoire which gives details about the vaccine to help the Nigerian Government conduct further research on it.

“We are exploring all knowledge in terms of therapeutics and vaccines,” Ehanire reportedly said. “We are expressing our interest in the COVID-19 vaccine so that we will have the opportunity to work elaborately.”

He explained that the country has been taking part in a series of knowledge exchange and contact with several research bodies and nations in a bid to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ehanire noted that the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Nigeria for the right of access, immediately the Russian COVID-19 vaccine was announced.

Speaking at the even, Director of Hospital Services Department in the Ministry, Dr Adepimpe Adebiyi said, “the technical officers will interphase with the #Russian team in order to strengthen the relationship between Nigeria and Russia.”

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