ICYMI: The Weeknd, Teyana Taylor & More Artists React To 2021 Grammys Snub

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Nominations for the 63rd Grammy Awards were announced last night but has since been met with controversy as several artists have expressed their displeasure towards the reveal.

While few artists reacted to their snub, others waded into the conversation, pointing out several accusations against the organizers.

First to respond on social media was American singer and dancer, Teyana Taylor who called out the Recording Academy for only nominating males in the Best R&B Album category.

The five men nominated in the category are: John Legend, Luke James, Ant Clemons, Giveon, and Gregory Porter, prompting the ‘Gonna Love Me’ singer to tweet her frustration with the Grammys over the nomination.

She wrote, “Y’all was better off just saying best MALE R&B ALBUM cause all I see is dick in this category.”

Nicki Minaj followed suit moments after, reflecting on how she lost a much-coveted award in 2012. The mega rap star took to Twitter to suggest the organisers have been regularly getting things wrong after they failed to reward her with Best New Artist.

During the 2012 Grammys, Bon Iver beat Nicki and other nominees including Skrillex, J. Cole, and The Band Perry for the highly coveted award.

She wrote, “Never forget the Grammys didn’t give me my best new artist award when I had 7 songs simultaneously charting on Billboard & bigger first week than any female rapper in the last decade—went on to inspire a generation,” she wrote to her 21 million followers. “They gave it to the white man Bon Iver. #PinkFriday.”

Another artist who left fans shocked for not receiving any nominations was The Weekend. The Canadian star, however, responded on Wednesday, leveling an accusation of corruption against the Recording Academy after he was snubbed for the 2021 Grammy Awards.

“The Grammys remain corrupt,” he wrote on Twitter. “You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency…”

A source close to the situation alleges that the Grammys and The Weeknd’s team were at odds over him playing at the January 31 Grammy ceremony and the Super Bowl halftime show, which occurs a week later.

One more artist who also had something to say about the 2021 Grammy nominations was Justin Bieber.

Although he was grateful, the Canadian singer thinks he was nominated in the wrong category. Bieber received four nods on Tuesday including Best Pop Solo Performance for “Yummy,” Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Intentions,” Best Pop Vocal Album for Changes, and Best Country Duo/Group Performance for his “10,000 Hours” collab with Dan+ Shay.

As soon as the nomination list was put out, the 26-year-old took to Instagram to issue a statement, where he shared his thought that ‘Changes’ was an R&B album and should have been recognized as such and not in the ‘Pop category’

He wrote: “To the Grammys, I am flattered to be acknowledged and appreciated for my artistry,” the post began, “I am very meticulous and intentional about my music. With that being said I set out to make an R&B album. Changes was and is an R&B album. It is not being acknowledged as an R&B album which is very strange to me.

“I grew up admiring R&B music and wished to make a project that would embody that sound. For this not to be put in that category feels weird considering from the chords to the melodies to the vocal style all the way down to the hip hop drums that were chosen it is undeniably, unmistakably an R&B Album!

“To be clear I absolutely love pop music it just wasn’t what I set out to make this time around. My gratitude for feeling respected for my work remains and I am honored to be nominated either way,” he added.

“Please don’t mistake this as me being ungrateful, these are just my thoughts take em or leave em,” Bieber captioned his statement. “Thank you to the people who fought for me to even have any noms.”

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