Immaculate And Vicci Bow Out As Last 10 Perform Their Favourite Songs On Nigerian Idol

The first eviction show of the Top 12 stage happened last week with Immaculate Victoria and Vicci bowing out of the race for the ultimate Nigerian Idol and leaving 10 contestants to continue.

The 10 contestants have performed for votes on Sunday but not before they paid tribute to the late songstress Goldie with the performance of her song ‘say my name’.

Ill Rymz reminded us of the ten contestants battling for votes, then the battle began!

Amara performed  a song by Jennifer Hudson ‘You pull me through’. She said she chose the song to help inspire anyone going through any form of difficulty. Jeffery said she did a good job. Yinka Davies said she could have done better with the song. Jimmy said her performance was good. Femi said it was a very good performance but it appears she wasn’t properly warmed-up before the performance. Her voting number is 530.
Moses did a song by Shayne Ward titled ‘breathless’. He said he chose this song for diversity sake. His voting number is 518. Kome was up next with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I have nothing’. Jimmy said she blew him away. Her voting number is 514.

Dani Angus sang Jackie Wilson’s ‘To be loved’ because he reckoned that this old school song will bring out the best in his voice. To end his performance, he gives Yinka his hat. Femi says he has amazed him on every single performance. His voting number is 512.

Debbie Rise performed Alicia Key’s ‘falling’ because of the messages it carries. Jeffery said he hung on the every note and she carried them all beautiful. Yinka said ‘well done’. Jimmy said it resembled a concert performance. Femi said it was the best performance so far. Her voting number is 510.

Joe performed Beyoncé’s ‘Listen’ because he felt he can give it his best. Jimmy said he was off the hook. Femi said he upped the game and he was everything. His voting number is 517.
Efezino performed Rihanna’s ‘Man down’ because she felt it was the only different genre from what the others were performing. Jimmy Jatt who was the celebrity judge said he was thoroughly unentertained. Her voting number is 528.

Next is Abasiakan with Mariah Carey’s ‘Always be my baby’ who said he always dreamt of performing this song and is excited to do so. Femi said he must be voted to the next round. Jeffery Daniel said when he gets it right, he gets it very right. His voting number is 521

Safeeyat is next with Etta James’ ‘At Last’ for which Jeffery Daniel called her brave for taking on a song with the power of her voice. DJ Jimmy Jatt said she had a powerful beginning but she had a few inconsistencies in the middle but was an ultimate performance eventually. Femi praises her courage and says he wasn’t truly impressed. Her voting number is 502.

Jay Feel performs Chris Brown’s ‘crawl’. In his short interview he says he relies on the power to surprise. And he does so by showing a sketched portrait of Yinka Davies. Yinka says, at last, you have sung. Femi said he has improved and this means he has the ability to go very far in life.  His voting number is 524.


Two more contestant are going to be leaving the race come Sunday, therefore voting lines are now open for you to text and keep your favourite contestants in the house by sending voting number to 33680 from any network or dial directly from an Etisalat line.

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