Information Technologist Alleges GTBank Stole the Concept of Their “HabariPay” from a Proposal He Sent to a Govt. Agency





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GTBank’s CEO- Segun Agbaje                         IT/ Software Engineer Davod Atowoju

An Information Technologist, Software Engineer, Robotics and Machine Expert who goes by the name Davod Atowoju is alleging that one of Nigeria’s most profitable banks- GTBank stole his idea for it’s Fintech Company “HabariPay” from a leaked project proposal he had sent to National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in February 2018 prior to the official launch of of GTBank’s HabariPay in November of 2018.


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A Frank Eleanya had tweeted GTBank is floating a fintech company, HabariPay to compete with the likes of Flutterwave and Paystack. One of HabariPay’s ambitions is to become a fintech unicorn. But can the bank deal with traditional banks’ DNA problem?”

Atowoju responding to this tweet posted: Boss, do you know this HabariPay was stolen from me? The project leaked through a proposal I sent to one government agency. They don’t even try change the logo. It’s same logo as mine. I have all the evidence with me”

He continued saying: “I submitted the proposal to Nitda on February 22, 2018, it was received on 27 of Feb, 2018 and GTBank launched Habari on 23 of Nov, 2018.”

He also claims the HabariPay logo is the same as his.

See his tweets below:

GTBank HabariPay --2


GTBank HabariPay --3


GTBank HabariPay -


GTBank “HabariPay” logo

GTBank HabariPay --4

Atowoju’s logo

GTBank HabariPay --5



GTBank has been the most aggressive traditional financial institution competing against fintechs in Nigeria with different digital products.

It operates GTPay, a payments gateway similar to Paystack; GTCollections, a payments aggregator; QuickCredit, a digital lending platform; and Habari, GTBank’s e-commerce superapp, according to a TechCabal report.

“[Payments] is a space we’re coming into,” The banks’s CEO Segun Agbaje told analysts in March, “so we will have to look at the likes of Paystack as bigger than us on the day we start, as knowing more than us, but I promise you we will bridge that gap very quickly.”


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