Inspired By The Maasai Tribe Of Tanzania! JReason Presents It’s Newest Collection, “Maasai Dark”

Maasai Tribe-OnoBello (1)


From the peak of mount Meru, to the white Namiri plains; the Maasai are a nomadic tribe known for their distinctive customs and dresses. From the different hues of red, to the many layers and stripes of blue, the Maasai have developed a beautiful array of clothing called Matavuvale.

The JReason brand, inspired by the Maasai during its visit to Tanzania, has developed its Maasai collection, with one twist: the style of clothing is inspired by Matavuvale, but it’s colours stick to the JReason code of simplicity, hence the collections name “Maasai Dark”.‎

Take a look!



Maasai Tribe-OnoBello (2) Maasai Tribe-OnoBello (3)
Maasai Tribe-OnoBello (4) Maasai Tribe-OnoBello (5)



Shoot credit:

Creative Direction: @jidereason

Photography: lnstagram:@oak_c
Makeup: @zaroncosmetics

Model: @oga_tunji for @fowlermodels



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