Interview: Are You On A “Bad Guy P”? Get The Exclusive On Rap Group L.O.S Soon To Be Released Mixtape “Jones Connect” + Collabo With Wizkid, Burnaboy And Phyno

Loud on Sound better known as L.O.S is a Nigerian based Hip Hop/Rap group made up of Tomi, Bridge, Yung and Briss.

The boys grew up together in Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja area of Lagos and attending the same schools – Chrisland and Greensprings but they started making music together in 2009. Individually, they possess a vast experience in creating music, which also include production skills, this is as a result of the long years they have spent horning their skills which goes as far back as when they were just teenagers.

From left:  Briss, Yung, Bridge, and Tomi Thomas

The group exploded onto the scene around June of 2011 with their Shank-featured hit single “Magic” but it was their 2012 hit “Bad Guy P” that established them as a force in the industry. The years spent as buddies is obviously reflected in their music, this can be seen in the chemistry that exists amongst the four-man-group. L.O.S comes with an impressive creative and musical palette that is miles apart from anyone or group in African music.

In July of 2012, they headlined a sold-out concert at the Federal Palace Hotel as part of their Nigeria tour sponsored by heavyweight brands including Samsung, Spinlet and Hennessy. They also opened for the Chris Brown in December of 2012 at the Eko Hotel Expo Centre Lagos while on the American artist Nigerian leg of his world tour to end a defining 2012.

L.O.S released the remix of “Bad Guy P” earlier in 2013 to rave reviews, the single which had Ghanaian act Sarkodie and our beloved Nigerian Kingpin Banky W on it was used to usher in another smash hit titled “Wish You Could Stay.” The group is currently planning the video of the song, a mixtape, (Jones Connect) and an album (that will be due in 2014) while on tour in the United Kingdom.

Read what the amazing four had to say about their break from Bankhead Entertainment, upcoming mixtape, album and collaborations with Phyno, Wizkid, Burnaboy and more, their fashion, love for cars and “nice things.”

From left: Bridge,Yung, Briss and Tomi Thomas

OB: You all grew up in the same neighbourhood- Adeniyi Jones in the Ikeja part of Lagos. Tell us what it was like to grow up together, sharing the same vision?
L.O.S: Growing up was pretty normal for us because we all come from good homes… father and mother were always there to straighten our ways so we all had fun as kids but at the same time we got corrected when we made mistakes.

OB: Did your parents support you guys from the scratch, seeing you were young and pursuing something that does not particularly delve towards education?
L.O.S: At first they weren&#39t really showing full support they just wanted us to stay in school but with time they got to realize that it was more serious than 4 boys just rapping together in a room. Now, they show full support because the fan base is obviously way bigger and we’ve been able to balance the music with school so everyone&#39s happy.

OB: How did you discover that you all share in the same dream?
Bridge: Yung and I went to the same school and started rapping since the 7th grade although it was just for the fun of it back then. While Briss and Tomi were in different high schools doing music too, we decided to make L.O.S a full four man team in 2009.

OB: In the number of years, how long have you been together?
L.O.S: We pretty much grew up together but officially, as a music group – seven years.

OB: Why the name “Loud on Sound (L.O.S)”?
L.O.S: L.O.S represents where we come from, that is, Lagos Nigeria and Loud on Sound is the best way to describe L.O.S so it was only right.

OB: Your song “Bad Guy P” was quite huge; did you anticipate that kind of response?
L.O.S: Actually Yung wrote the song and made the beat on his laptop in 2009 but we didn&#39t take it that serious. Two years later, we decided to record it again and it&#39s been one of our best decisions. Our label at the time didn’t even think it would be big but we made sure the song dropped and it became a hit, so let’s take this time to say a big thank you to everyone playing the record… we knew it&#39ll be a big song but not this big.

OB: At the beginning of this year, L.O.S announced their split from Bankhead Entertainment, what informed this move?
L.O.S: The contract came to an end and we had to make the best decision for us as a team which resulted in starting something new so there was no fight… we just handled it as men.

OB: How is the relationship with Bankhead now?
L.O.S: Relationship is cool. We still talk to them, they are like our brothers. We live close to each other so there’s no beef.

OB: Tell us about your recording label L.O.S Music?
L.O.S: L.O.S Music is a record label and a business brand consisting of four multi talented artistes ready to change the whole music industry, take over Africa and the world.

OB: With a name like L.O.S Music, it feels like your label is strictly for your music, does that mean there is no chance L.O.S will sign any artiste soon?
L.O.S: Yeah we don&#39t plan on signing anybody directly under L.O.S Music. It was made for four of us but we might start a different label under L.O.S Music if we change plans and decide to sign an artiste…but for now, it&#39s just us four.

OB: Your new single, “Wish You Could Stay” came out a few weeks back, how will you rate the acceptance of the song to that of “Bad Guy P” and its remix?
L.O.S: Well obviously we want it to have the same success but they are different types of songs. “Wish You Could Stay” is doing really well right now and hopefully after we shoot the video it&#39ll even be bigger. Our main focus is for everyone to listen to our first mixtape – “Jones Connect”which will be out by June, also, look forward to the album which should be out early next year.

OB: You’ve been working with Sarz lately, what other producers are you going to be working with?
L.O.S: Yes, we did a couple of songs with Sarz, he&#39s a cool producer, dedicated and hardworking. Most times, we do production for ourselves but when we are looking for something different, we go out to producers who can give us exactly what we are looking for, some are Leriq, Spellz, G.M.K, Adey, Gosple and anyone else who has great sounds that can work with our sound.

OB: Any other big or foreign collaborations we should be on the lookout for apart from “Bad Guy P” remix?
L.O.S: We are four so we don&#39t really need that many features. We only work with people when we feel their voice/style of music is perfect for the song,not necessarily because they are “big”. We are currently working on something with Burnaboy, Wizkid and Phyno, and for international artistes we&#39ll put the word out as soon as it&#39s official.

OB: Apart from those you’ve mentioned, which other Nigerian artistes inspire you enough for you to work with?
L.O.S: Every artiste is blessed in their own way so like we said we only work with people if we feel their voice is needed on certain tracks but right now we like 2Face, Wande Coal, M.I, Seyi Shay and everyone else who&#39s doing their thing right now.

OB: Let’s talk fashion, what can we call L.O.S’s signature look?
L.O.S: We just like to look different from everyone else but at the same time, look good. We all pay attention to our fashion and image,so we work with our image consultant Zed-Eye who&#39s got it covered from videos to shows. She also pick certain looks that really fits what we try to achieve at certain points. Fashion changes every time so you can&#39t really place a certain look on us. Today, we might be clean in suits, next day we going all black leather like rock stars! So it really depends on the way we feel or concept we are working with.

OB: When the four of you are not working what do you do to unwind?
L.O.S: We just chill… really, from video games to reading novels anything that can relax our minds which helps to stay focused.

OB: Being in the spotlight can attract a lot of female attention, how do you deal with all the attention from your female fans?
L.O.S: We love all our female fans and try to be nice anytime we come across any of them, we love all the support from both the female and male fans but to be real right now we just staying focused on school, working hard putting our music and name out there.

OB: What is the most absurd thing a fan has done to you?

Tomi: We all have different stories to be honest, but one time a fan literally tried to force me to kiss her at a show… it was so funny (Laughs).

OB: You are always talking about cars in your music, tell us about your obsession for fast cars and “big engines”.
L.O.S: We all have a thing for cars and they are nice toys (Laughs). That is why we choose to talk about them sometimes, wouldn&#39t call it an obsession though, we just like nice things (Laughs).

OB: Will you guys be doing any shows or concerts soon?
L.O.S: Right now we are finishing all our songs in Dubai and also shooting a video for our latest single “Wish You Could Stay.” Then, we’ll be off to the U.K to do a little tour around there,we will also be dropping new singles soon and we will have our first official E.P/mix tape out, called “Jones Connect.” There’s no official release date yet but for shows and other events you can visit our website for more information.

Listen to L.O.S – Wish You Could Stay

Watch Video To L.O.S Hit Song – Bad Guy P

For more information on L.O.S, Follow on Twitter @team_LOS

Photo Credits:
Photography: Lakin Ogunbawo
Styling: Zed-Eye



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