Interview: Elohor Aisien On Upcoming Elite Look Plus Tips On How To Make It As Model Scout

Elohor Aisien is not a stranger to modeling, the ex model came into the limelight after winning the Miss Nigeria United Kingdom pageant in 2001.


She’s now a renowned model/manager with a high-brow modelling agency known as Beth Model Management.



According to Elohor, she followed her passion for fashion, “on completion of my studies in Business and Information Technology from the Metropolitan University London in the United Kingdom, I returned to Nigeria and started the business of identifying and grooming aspiring models because I have always been intrigued by the world of fashion”.



In 2007, Beth Model Management clinched the franchise rights to be the representative of Elite Modelling Agency and the yearly Elite Model Look Competition in Nigeria. Elite is one of the prestigious agencies in the world that does a yearly scout for models in over 50 countries with the help of 37 scouting agencies worldwide.


Elite Model Look through Elohor, has discovered some of Nigeria’s most natural and talented models- Tracy Onyekachukwu (2008), Annette Begg (2009), Chika Emmanuella (2010), Chinwe Ejere (2011), all of which have regularly graced catwalks, magazine editorials and advertising campaigns both within and outside the African continent.


For this year’s Elite competition, 20 contestants (10 Male and 10 Female) make the final cut out of thousands of aspiring hopefuls. This is the first time the competition has included a search for the MALE face of Elite Nigeria, and we can’t wait to see what that brings.


With Elohor’s recent appointed as Creative Director for Miss Nigeria, she indeed has achieved a milestone in her career. She attests that she sees herself holding the directorial position for a long time and will be making some changes from what her predecessor ex beauty queen Nike Oshinowo laid down during her tenure.


In a chat with, fun and energetic Elohor gives us insights into the upcoming Elite Model Look taking place this September, as well as her plans for the Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant.


And for all you budding model scouts out there, she says that you have to be strong, do a whole lot of networking and get along with people to make it in this very competitive industry.


Read on as she dishes out expert tips on how to make as a model scout and in fashion.



OB: What should everyone expect from Elite this year?

EA: Expect fashion, supermodels at their best, expect everything.


OB: Do you think your final 15 for this year’s Elite look are strong competitors with their counterparts from Europe and other parts of the world at the Elite international finals?

EA: Yes, of course, they are quite strong, even though I haven’t seen my other competitors, I believe we have strong girls and guys as well, that are capable of being supermodels.


OB: This year you introduced Elite Model Look for male models, what do you have in store for male models both locally and internationally?

EA: For the male models, we are trying to represent them internationally and also we are trying to get them jobs and get them recognized both locally and internationally. Also we are trying to create the next male super model.


OB: Congratulations on being The Creative Director of Miss Nigeria, do you have any idea how long that will be for?

EA: Thank you very much, I can’t tell you now how long I will be the Creative Director of Miss Nigeria but I can assure you it’s for a long time.



OB: Will you be changing anything about Miss Nigeria from what the former director, Nike Oshinowo did during her time

EA: Yes, definitely because it’s a new era, we are bringing a more modern Miss Nigeria. In the modeling agency right now, everything is changing; everything is more modern, so you are going to see something totally different from what you have been seeing over the years. I am going to deliver a fresh and innovative direction to the pageant this year.


OB: What should we expect from the upcoming Miss Nigeria?

EA: You should expect a beauty queen, someone who will represent Nigeria; someone that everybody will be proud to say ‘OMG! That’s a beauty queen’.


OB: Who has been your greatest influence in life?

EA: My mum; she has taught me a lot, she gave birth to me, she taught me life. She has taught me how to not let things border me; how to be strong and how to pray and have faith.


OB: You are obviously a fashionable lady, what influences your choice of clothes daily?

EA: Nothing really, I am a very simple person. What I do is to try and keep it simple. I have observed that every time I try too hard I always miss it so every time I have an event, I wear the first thing I lay my hand on and usually it takes me 5 minutes to get ready.


OB: If you could change one thing about your body, what will it be?

EA: Right now I am a size 12, I will like to be a size 6 or 8. That was the size I was when I was still modeling.


OB:Are you for or against cosmetic surgery?

EA: I am against it because I believe we are all blessed in everything and God created us for a reason. I know women do it because they are not comfortable in their skin or they feel men won’t look at them but I think no matter what it is in life, if a guy loves you, he will love you for who you are even if you have one eye.


OB: What is your favourite holiday destination?

EA: That will be Capri; it’s very beautiful.


OB:In your opinion, what attributes does one need to succeed in your line of business?

EA: The most important thing is strength, you have to be strong; you have to be ready to meet people, I meet about a thousand girls every year. You must also learn how to get along with people.


OB: Do you favour high-end designer labels?

EA: Yes I do and my favourites are Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL and Oscar de la Renta.


OB:If you could raid anybody’s closet, who would it be?

EA: It would be Victoria Beckhams’ definitely. I think she is super fashionable.


OB:If given an opportunity, which celebrity would you like to dine with?

EA: I would like to dine with Richard Branson. I would like to get his ideas; how he started work and how he succeeded. It will definitely be him and Oprah Winfrey.


OB: If you were to be the first lady of Nigeria tomorrow what would you do to assist women and children in the country?

EA: I will shop for all of them, lol. Seriously, what I would do is to create more awareness for women, especially divorced women as well as motherless kids, women with disabilities and needy women. One thing I have noticed in Nigeria is that a lot of women have problems but they don’t know who to speak to; they don’t know how to voice out their problems so I would like to create a forum where women can come out and we can talk about the problems they are facing.


OB: How are you able to find a balance between always looking good, your hectic career, social life, friends, wife and mother?

EA: It has not been easy but I have been managing. I always make sure my evenings are reserved for my friends and family members. Every evening, I go out and hang out with my friends or I go home and spend time with my husband and kid. My husband just recently talked me into getting an assistant, so that has also made things a lot easier for me.


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