Interview: Hola At Your Boy…We’ve Got Syndik8 Records ‘Blink’ In The Building! It’s “Wanmata” All The Way|Get To Know This Cool Rapper

I can remember the first time I heard about Blink, this was almost a year ago, I was working with Ono Bello on a PR project for one of the fashion brands we represent and we were looking for a relatively new artiste to perform on the show, that was when we got introduced to Blink by Chin Okeke (Artiste manager) who works with Syndik8 Records and represents the likes of Lynxxx and other protégés like Nedu.

We finally got Blink and Nedu to come perform at the show and I must admit that those two are like “5 and 6”, bubbly and happy fellas. They did an incredible job with entertaining guests as they shared the stage with Seyi Shayi and Cyrus Tha Virus. Fast forward to almost one year later, Blink has come to be known for his unique sound and is growing steadily as an artist with a voice to reckon with.

Nedu and Blink performing at Ma&#39Bello Fashion

Blink of life, as he is fondly called is an artiste and also a producer on Syndik8 label. What stands Blink out amongst his contemporaries sparse beyond techniques. Yes, Blink’s style of rap reminds one of the glory days of Hip Hop in the early 90s, so also, is the smooth laid back delivery which can only come to an artiste naturally. It is safe to say his uniqueness is innate.

As the world awaits the full revelation of this Syndik8’s best kept secret, Blink has been steadily building up his profile with two hits to his credit under the label. “Of Life” which featured Lynxxx has been receiving rave reviews from critics and on social media. Just a few days back, he released his build-up single “Wanmata” which was purely dance floor but that Hip Hop retrospective sound could not be hidden, complemented with the chant-style hook we have come to love him for.

Apparently, we know quite a wholesome about Blink the artiste, but what do we know about Blink, the person. asked him about his real name, his parents, background, childhood and education, Blink said:
“My real Name is Nelson Agose. The Son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Agose, I am from Delta state. Actually, my dad is Isoko and my mum is Edo but I rep both equally. I am the last of three children with one elder sister and brother. I attended Kings College Lagos for my secondary education then I traveled to the U.S for college to study Economics at the University of Illinois. I graduated in 2010 summer and have been actively pursuing a career in music ever since.”

You will find some of Blink’s response considerably humourous in this chat, He revealed to what makes him unique, the motive behind “Wanmata,” his new single dropping on July 26th and his idea of ‘playing it safe’ where the girls are concerned.

OB: Since when have you been making music before your breakout into the industry?
Blink: I’ve been making beats and recording songs since I was in Js3. I used to get thousands of downloads and streams online as a rapper and producer. Those are the little things that gave me confidence to believe that my talent was unique.

OB: When did you know, this talent you have could become a source of livelihood?
Blink: I started to realize I could have a real career in music after I released my first mixtape in the U.S titled “The Work Ethic.” People started to invite me to perform at local shows for small amounts of money but for a college student it was more than Okay (laughs). I made the mixtape available for free download on my website but people would still approach me to purchase my CDs in person. I went ahead to release 2 additional projects online after I graduated titled “The world is Small” and “American Dreams African Principles.” Both EPs garnered a lot of attention from major blogs world wide as well as record labels and DJs.

OB: What was your parent’s reaction when you told them you want to pursue this career?
Blink: My Parents always knew I had a passion for music and entertainment since I was a little boy. I was always the one that will sing and dance at family gatherings and was never shy since an early age. I obtained my undergraduate degree before I fully started to pursue my career full time, so my parents have always been supportive because they know I am making a reasonable decision to do music.

OB: Why did you choose to go with the name Blink?
Blink: Honestly I believe the Name Blink chose me. I used to blink a lot back in my JSS1/JSS2 days when I wore glasses and somebody called me “blink blink” one day. Since that day I’ve been calling myself Blink and it stuck (laughs).

OB: Words have it that you and Lynxxx go way back, when exactly did you meet him?
Blink: I met Lynxxx in JSS1 back in secondary school, which is about 14 years ago now.

OB: Your debut single “Of Life” featuring Lynxxx was really big but it seems “Wanmata” is knocking off the former record, tell us what’s the inspiration behind the song?
Blink: Wanmata was inspired by my come up and recent progress within the industry. The track is saying, “When we first came they doubted us, but now we have displayed for them, doubters have become believers, they under estimated us but now they are watching us make it happen.”

OB: You produced the track by yourself, have you produced, or planning on producing any other artiste as well?
Blink: I’ve actually produced for other people in the past before. I produced Lami’s debut single in Nigeria “Nothing Do You” and I also produced “Detty Girl” off Black Magic’s “Version 1.0.” I definitely plan on collaborating with other artists and producers on their own personal projects. I have a passion for good music so anything that involves the creation of it is a go for me.

OB: Being able to combine vocal technique with production skills, will you say this has aided your career or given you leverage amongst your contemporaries?
Blink: It definitely has given me the ability to craft my own unique sound and lane for myself within the industry. I think the most important thing for an artist is having a sound/style people know you for while maintaining as much versatility as you can.

OB: How will you describe your kind of music?
Blink: I have no formula or name for the kind of music I make. The foundation for my music is Hip Hop but I just try as hard as I can to pour my background, my beliefs, my personality, my ideas, my joy and my pain into my music. You can listen to my music and learn a whole lot about me. I listen to my old stuff from years back I remember the exact mind frame I was in when I was making the record.

OB: Describe the relationship with the other members of SyndiK8 Records?
Blink: We are like family we’ve all known each other over 10 years except for Obi but still the chemistry between all of us is amazing. We all have very good and tolerable personalities and when we go to places together the aura is amazing.

OB: If you could do an international collaboration, which artiste will you love to feature?
Blink: I would love to work with Timbaland, Pharrel Williams and Just Blaze. Those are some of the most amazing producers in the whole word. Great producers make the real magic happen. As far as artistes, it depends on what relationships I can build naturally I won’t go out of my way to work with any artist unless they know me and already respect my work.

OB: You have only collaborated with Lynxxx who is also a member of SyndiK8, are we going to be seeing other collaborations outside the Syndik8 circle soon?
Blink: Yes o, I am definitely working on a few outside collaborations for this year, they will be featured on my EP which should be ready last quarter this year titled “Live from Lagos.”

OB: What can you not be caught dead wearing?
Blink: Skinny jeans or any other random fad or trend that media create these days. I stick to what I feel comfortable in and it’s usually clothes customized by Coca Goods.

OB: Define your fashion style
Blink: I like to say my fashion style is “AfroAmericapean” (laughs), inspired by Africa, America and Europe in different subtle ways.

OB: What do you do when you are not working?
Blink: I listen to music a lot! I love doing outdoors stuff like going to the beach, visiting the conservative center, stuff like that. I read books whenever I get the time to as well.

OB: How do you deal with the female fans?
Blink: Trust me, I just roll with Lynxxx and Nedu (laughs), that way I don’t have to worry about too much female attention! My female fans are mad cool though, they hold me down peacefully.

OB: Do you have a girlfriend?
Blink: No I do not, I am currently on the move a lot so I barely have time to keep up with people. My mind is completely focused on the hustle. I always keep an open mind and heart though so anything can happen.

OB: What are your immediate future plan, any project, upcoming shows, endorsement etc?
Blink: Right now I am working on my EP titled “Live from Lagos” due out last quarter this year. We are going about it like it’s an album all original production with very well thought out content so people should expect nothing but the best music period. I am currently on an 8-city tour with Glo for the ‘slideNbounce’ campaign. I will be releasing a new single on July 26 with a video for that afterwards.

Listen to Wanmata:

Watch “Of Life” video featuring Lynxxx

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